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At Godfathers Cash for Gold and Pawn, we have the ability to buy or give you a loan on your valuables. We also sell hundreds of items far below retail price!

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7800 Sunrise Blvd ste 10 Citrus Heights, CA

In Citrus Heights, CA

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Get 20% More Cash for Your Precious Metals

At Godfather’s Cash for Gold, you can expect 20% more cash for your precious metals, electronics, musical instruments, outdoor equipment, tools, and toys. We buy or loan on anything that holds monetary value!

I had my fair share of experiences going to a pawnshop before so I know if I got a good deal or not if I try to sell a jewelry. Going here in Godfather’s however, was definitely something what I would call a top choice or something like that. I have been looking for a great value for my jewelry and looks like I found one.
Heather Sullivan, Godfather's Cash for Gold and Pawn
In my experience of selling jewelry, this is by far the best one that I have been to. Their rates were higher than the rest and the service I got here were excellent. I finally have found my go to place to sell jewelry!
Brenda Wades, Godfather's Cash for Gold and Pawn
I have sold a lot of gold and jewelry over the years and its is a great thing Godfathers cash for gold opened up nearby my house. They always provide decent prices when I sell my items whether it is an old piece of jewelry, placer gold that I find in Foresthill or old silver flatware that I come across at thrift stores.
Christopher Jude Palmer, Godfather's Cash for Gold and Pawn
I have been to Godfather’s on more than a few occasions as I always find bargains at garage sales and flea markets. Having worked with both Vito and Sonny I can say that they both are great people and always give me awesome deals. No need to shop around for me, Godfather’s is my go to place.
Deacon Wood, Godfather's Cash for Gold and Pawn
Went to the tanning salon and saw this new store getting ready to open for business.
Came back a few days later with some old gold jewelry and a few silver pieces also. The young man in the store was so kind and spent a while with me. Will come back soon.
Denise Richardson


Citrus heights



Customer Service

There is a reason why we have been in business for as long as we have. That reason is outstanding customer service. You will find that every single one of our employees are good willed and100_percent_satisfaction_guaranteed-transparent-background spirited. At Godfathers Cash for Gold & Pawn, we do our absolute best to make you feel welcome. We do this because we value your business to the utmost degree. Stop on in, and we will make you feel like you are right at home! Let us show you what customer service is all about and you will realize the other guys have been doing it wrong all of these years!

What We Buy

Anything of value! That’s right, at Godfather’s Cash for Gold and Pawn we will buy or pawn anything that holds monetary value. This includes electronics, musical instruments, antiques,
silverware, flatware, sports equipment, tools, toys, bicycles, skis & Godfatherscashforgoldbuysnowboards, outdoors equipment, jewelry, coins, scrap precious metal, and more! So do not hesitate, if you have any item that holds some value, bring it in and let our experts appraise it!

More Money

At Godfathers Cash for Gold & Pawn we pride ourselves on being able to pay 20% more TGE_money1than our competitors in the Sacramento, CA area. You read right! 20% more cash in your pocket for your valuable items. When it comes to getting paid more for your items, Godfathers Cash for Gold & Pawn is not only the right place to go, it is the only place to go. Did we mention we pay up to 90% of spot price for your precious metals? You will not find a better offer than that, guaranteed.

Precious Metal Analyzer

At Godfather’s Cash for Gold & Pawn we use the Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 which is a state of the art metal analyzer. With this equipment, we are able to give you the most accurate quote possible for your precious metals without having to damage your valuables. The reason we are able to read the exact contents of your metals without having to grind past its surface and expose it to Muriatic Acid is because of the Thermo Scientific Niton XL2’s projected laser. This laser projects a highly concentrated beam towards your precious metals that is capable of retrieving the exact periodic makeup of your metal. As a result, you will know the exact quantity and quality of your precious metals.

About Us

Family owned and operated Godfather’s Cash for Gold & Pawn has been in the pawn & jewelry business for over 20 years. Trust our experts who all have over five years in the field and are thoroughly trained to make your pawn experience as pleasant as possible. What’s more is that owners Sonny or Vito are always present, so if you have any concerns you can voice it directly to the bosses. So come on in as we guarantee you the most for your unwanted jewelry, electronics, tools, metals, ect. Let us “make you an offer you can’t refuse”!